Kaizen 1.0 Beta

The current test release is 1.0 Beta. This release is in the early stages of beta testing, however it is very stable and contains many of the applications that are used in the day-to-day operation of a Linux Desktop.

Since this release is currently under development, packages are updated frequently.

Getting It

Two iso images have been created to facilitate downloading of the beta test release. See below for installation instructions.


kaizen-2005-04-11-disc1.iso (524MB)
kaizen-2005-04-11-disc2.iso (320MB)

We have also split the larger iso into smaller files to facilitate downloading on slower connections:

kaizen-2005-04-11-disc1.tar.bz2.aa (144MB)
kaizen-2005-04-11-disc1.tar.bz2.ab (144MB)
kaizen-2005-04-11-disc1.tar.bz2.ac (144MB)
kaizen-2005-04-11-disc1.tar.bz2.ad (85MB)

To rebuild the iso:
# cat kaizen-2005-04-11-disc1.tar.bz2.* | tar -xvjf -


  1. Create a seperate partition. If you aren't sure how to do this, you probably don't want to be trying Kaizen Linux 1.0 Beta release. Once a stable version is released, you will have a nice graphical installer that will walk you through the process.
  2. Mount the cd or iso image

    # mkdir /mnt/kaizen
    # mount -t iso9660 kaizen-xxx-disc1.iso /mnt/kaizen/ -o loop
    (for mounting iso image directly)
    # mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/kaizen (for mounting a burnt cd)

  3. Untar the base file to your new partition (for example '/dev/hda5'):

    # mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/hda5
    # cd /mnt/hda5
    # tar -xxvjf /mnt/kaizen/base/base-0.4b.tar.bz2

  4. Unmount the cd or iso image

    # umount /mnt/kaizen

  5. Enter the chroot environment

    # mount proc /mnt/hda5/proc -t proc
    # mount devpts /mnt/hda5/dev/pts -t devpts
    # chroot /mnt/hda5 /bin/bash --login

  6. Remount the cd or iso image from within the chroot environment

    # mount -t iso9660 kaizen-xxx-disc1.iso /mnt/kaizen/ -o loop

  7. Install the RPMS

    # rpm -ivh /mnt/kaizen/RPMS/*.rpm

  8. Install additional software

    # umount /mnt/kaizen
    # mount -t iso9660 kaizen-xxx-disc2.iso /mnt/kaizen/ -o loop
    (for mounting iso image directly)
    # mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/kaizen (for mounting a burnt cd)
    # rpm -ivh /mnt/kaizen/RPMS/*.rpm


If you require help with Kaizen Linux, post a message to our forums.