RPM Management

  • Full support for all RPM features (including subpackages).
  • Clean and friendly web-based interface.
  • Easily search through all RPMs to find desired package.
  • Appropriate default values automatically entered when creating a new RPM.
  • Easily upload/download required source tarballs and patches.
  • Edits made by unauthorized users are stored for approval by the distribution or package manager.
  • Automatic generation of SPEC file so no tedious editing required.

Building RPMS

  • Schedule a RPM for building with the click of a button.
  • Full log stored of build results.
  • Build time tracked and stored so you can see how long it took for your package to build.
  • Execute any of the available rpmbuild commands from full execution and packaging to a simple check of the files list.


  • Easily add/update/delete users from the system.
  • Four different user groups so you can control who has access to the system.
    • Distribution Manager - full access to the entire system.
    • Package Manager - full access to owned rpms, including approval of 'tester' modifications.  Approval of changes to any unowned RPMs is still required.
    • Tester - Modification access to all RPMs, pending approval from package or distribution manager.
    • Guest - view-only access

Build Server

  • Switches to chroot environment prior to building the RPM to protect the server from wild builds.
  • Keeps full log and tracks time spent for each build.
  • Stores a cache of source and patch files to eliminate unneccesary file transfers.  md5sum's are checked against stored values to ensure the file in the cache is not outdated.
  • Automatically transfers completed RPMs (binary and source) and build log to RPM Development Environment server.
  • Setup multiple build servers to reduce the wait time for scheduled builds.

Planned Features for Version 1.1

There are a number of planned features for version 1.1.  Below is the current list of features that are being developed.  If you would like to see a specific feature implemented, post a message on the forums.

  • Improvements to the Manage RPMs page to speed up loading and include pagination.
  • Ability to review and accept or reject changes from other package managers or testers.
  • Ability to import previously generated SRPM files.
  • Slightly improved installation process.